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Carbon Offsets Are More Popular than Ever, and That’s a Problem

The demand for carbon offsets has never been greater, and their legitimacy as an effective tool for stopping climate change has never been more tenuous. This is the first entry in a three-part series that explains carbon offsets and their viability as a credible solution for reducing emissions. In this instalment, we unpack carbon offsets and carbon credits and explain why the market for carbon offsets is growing.

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5 Key Resources for Effective Investment in Communities

Many companies choose to invest in their local communities, both as a way of demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and to manage community-related risk. This blog post highlights key resources to help your company make meaningful and strategic contributions in the communities where you operate.

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5 Steps to a Corporate Strategy That Delivers on Sustainability

To achieve the societal transformation we need, companies must do their part to embed sustainability into their core strategy. And that means focusing on more than shareholder value or even stakeholder value… It means focusing on systems value. We've created a straight-forward five-step process to help companies develop a truly embedded strategy.


Community Resilience: Why It Matters to Companies and 3 Things Your Company Can Do

The increasing pressure on companies to account for their impacts on the environment and on communities has been hard to miss. And many companies are making an effort to “do good” in the community, but they are often unsure how best to go about it. This blog post helps companies to figure out how they can contribute.

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Setting Strong Sustainability Goals Can Feel Hard. It Doesn’t Have To.

Customers, employees, communities, and even shareholders are demanding meaningful corporate action on sustainability. This blog post lists seven straight-forward questions to help you assess your company’s existing goals, or to consider as you develop your next round of sustainability goals.


Trends in Sustainability Goal Setting: Credible Corporate Climate Goals

Climate change is projected to have significant impacts on economies, the stability of global financial markets, and the companies that operate within them. To address this crisis, companies are recognising they must set strong corporate climate goals. This blog post discusses encouraging and significant developments around climate goal setting in 2020-21.