Mission, Vision, Values


Mission, vision, values: integrate sustainability into the organisation's mission, vision and values.


To what extent do you make explicit statements about sustainability in communicating your organisation's mission, vision, values, and/or core purpose?

Teck's Strategy for Sustainability cover

Teck's Strategy for Sustainability

This case provides an insider's perspective on the development of Teck's first strategy for sustainability. It explores the company's early rationale behind developing and implementing a multi-year strategy, and provides insights on how sustainability champions within the company used environmental and social megatrends to envision and co-create a long-term approach to sustainable business. This case also provides insights on the major obstacles and lessons that staff and leadership learned through this transformative experience.

Is your sustainability strategy sustainable? Creating a culture of sustainability cover

Is your sustainability strategy sustainable? Creating a culture of sustainability

In this journal article, the authors explore the development of a model to support practitioners in creating a sustainability focus within their organisations. The section titled "Setting the organisation's sustainability direction" outlines the importance of embedding sustainability into an organisation's mission statement and how these can be aligned with the values and goals of the organisation. The resource also offers examples of companies who have embedded sustainability into their company statements.

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