Engage in a process to make sense of a set of future scenarios and envision a sustainable future in which the organisation is able to operate in a way that adheres to environmental limits and enhances social foundations.


To what extent do you envision future sustainability scenarios in order to inform what you do today?

The Road to Context cover

The Road to Context

Our corporate partners wanted to understand how to factor social and ecological limits into their core strategy and goal-setting processes. They needed to make sense of the different frameworks and tools emerging to support a contextual view and they wanted to know what early leaders were doing to address context.

Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development: Backcasting cover

Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development: Backcasting

What does your company need to do today to be sustainable in the future? This resource from the Natural Step outlines how starting with a vision of what success looks like can help build consensus and unlock innovation in a future bound by social and ecological constraints. The resource also offers a useful animated clip explaining the concept of backcasting.

Transformational Scenario Planning cover

Transformational Scenario Planning

In this talk, Adam Kahane tells the story of a scenario exercise he facilitated in Colombia in 1996 against the backdrop of ongoing civil war. Kahane, who was formerly with Shell, has spent the last twenty years practising and facilitating scenario exercises. He makes a distinction between using scenarios to adapt to the future, rather than using them to influence it.

Teck's Strategy for Sustainability cover

Teck's Strategy for Sustainability

This case provides an insider's perspective on the development of Teck's first strategy for sustainability. It explores the company's early rationale behind developing and implementing a multi-year strategy, and provides insights on how sustainability champions within the company used environmental and social megatrends to envision and co-create a long-term approach to sustainable business. This case also provides insights on the major obstacles and lessons that staff and leadership learned through this transformative experience.

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