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Tackle issues: work with other organisations to try to achieve broader sustainability goals that benefit the environment and/or society.


To what extent do you collaborate with other organisations to try and achieve shared sustainability goals that benefit the environment and/or society?

Sustainability Through Partnerships cover

Sustainability Through Partnerships

This report offers a comprehensive summary of how collaboration is key to unlocking sustainability. The report starts with the premise that no single organisation or sector has the knowledge or resources to "go it alone," and explores the nature and characteristics of different types of multi-sector partnerships before offering a model for the creation of cross-sector partnerships. The report ends with a series of focused recommendations and good practice for different groups (Business, NGOs, Government, and Communities) engaging in partnerships.

The Dawn of Systems Leadership cover

The Dawn of Systems Leadership

What are the core capabilities needed to enable meaningful cross-sector collaboration? In this article from SSIR, Peter Senge and his co-authors help explain how to develop these competencies by sharing stories of leaders who have made a difference in navigating complex systems.

Unlocking the Power of Partnerships cover

Unlocking the Power of Partnerships

This report aims to highlight the potential strength of effective cross-sector partnerships in delivering against broader societal sustainability goals. KPMG have supplemented their own experiences with one-to-one interviews and research to put forward a framework of eight factors that should be considered when creating, operating, and sustaining collaborative partnerships.

Creating partnerships for sustainability cover

Creating partnerships for sustainability

The article discusses how long-term sustainable collaborations with other organisations (both public and private) can help businesses tackle complex environmental and social issues. Through research with businesses, government, and NGO leaders, authors Albani and Henderson provide seven ways that businesses can successfully collaborate.

Zinc & Health cover

Zinc & Health

In this interesting example of tackling issues, Teck - one of the largest producers of zinc in the world - began a health initiative that explored providing zinc to communities in need. Approximately 450,000 children die each year from zinc deficiency in developing countries, and is an important mineral in boosting the immune system and preventing diarrhea.

Teck is now a part of a collaboration between a number of organizations including UNICEF, the Micronutrient Initiative, and the International Zinc Association, as well as local governments, and their work towards resolving global health issues related to zinc deficiency includes zinc supplementation, food fortification, crop nutrition, awareness, and advocacy. This short clip features senior leaders at Teck and others involved in the collaboration speaking about how it came about and how it has progressed.

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