Compare the organization's sustainability processes and performance with the performance of other organizations


To what extent do you benchmark your sustainability processes and performance against those of other organizations?


  • Future-Fit Business Benchmark

    The Future-Fit Business Benchmark is a free open-source tool grounded in systems science, and is designed to help companies assess where they are relative to necessary levels of environmental and social performance.
    The Benchmark includes an Action Guide and Methodology Guide that outline categories of positive environmental and social impacts and help companies articulate and quantify their unique contributions in a consistent framing (Positive Pursuits). It also describes areas of environmental and social footprint that represent risk areas to businesses and external stakeholders until they are addressed (Break-Even Goals).
    The Benchmark guidance also aligns with the UN SDGs. By using Future-Fit's guidance and metrics, companies can clearly understand and credibly communicate their contribution to the SDGs.
  • Corporate Human Rights Benchmark

    The Corporate Human Rights Benchmark assesses the corporate policies, processes, transparency, and governance over large, publicly traded companies, as well as their responses to allegations of human rights abuses. This set of reports and resources scores the companies on 100 indicators across various measurement themes, and the key findings report provides insight into individual company performance across a range of metrics.

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