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“Ultimately, [the Embedding Project] saves me time, it's learning in the fast track with leaders in the field.”

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We bring together companies and change agents across industries from all around the world as part of our Communities of Practice or Regional Peer-to-Peer Networks. We then harness their collective knowledge to develop and pilot rigorous but practical guidance that benefits everyone.

Undergo an assessment

Our practices assessment process will help your company evaluate and benchmark its sustainability efforts, prioritize next steps and provide the tools and guidance to do so.

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Launch Session

We start with a 2 to 3 hour meeting with your core team to outline an appropriate data collection process and identify key contacts.

Data Collection And Calibration

We work with you to gather the right data through interviews, internal focus groups and reviews of relevant documents and prior initiatives. Data calibration happens simultaneously.

Findings Summary

We document the findings of your assessment clearly to provide a foundation for future work. We present your results in a summary report that includes a Practices Visualization and a Maturity Chart that highlights next steps.

We are practical researchers

We are practical researchers who want to help you and your organization stay at the forefront of business best practices and leapfrog your progress through collective learning.

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