Practices Assessment Process

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Our practices assessment systematically inventories the extent to which sustainability is embedded in your company’s operations. This process helps you to understand your company’s journey to date, to calibrate your company experiences against the work undertaken in other companies and to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

Together we will:

Journey chart

Understand your company’s journey to date,

Compare chart

Calibrate your company’s experience against the work undertaken in other companies, and

Identify chart

Identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

The baseline assessment process includes:

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Launch Session

We start with a 2 to 3 hour meeting with your core team to outline an appropriate data collection process and identify key contacts.

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Data Collection And Calibration

Our research team has a well-developed understanding of how companies compare to one another and will guide you through the inventory process to ensure that your assessment is accurate and comparable.

We work with you to gather the right data. We conduct interviews and organize internal focus groups, typically of 5 to 10 employees. We also review sustainability reports and any prior work initiatives or assessments. Data calibration happens simultaneously.

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Findings Summary

We document and clearly summarize the findings of your assessment to provide a solid foundation for future work. We present your results in a summary report that includes a Practices Visualization and a Maturity Chart that points to next steps.

Once completed, you will have a refined understanding of your baseline – how embedded sustainability is in your company. Most importantly, you will have taken the necessary steps to fully immerse yourself and your company in the Embedding Project Community.


Assesment process 1

Practices Visualization

A complete visual overview of the practices your company is undertaking to embed sustainability.

Assesment process 2

Maturity Chart

A visual guide to the maturity of your company’s sustainability practices that identifies priority opportunities for further embedding initiatives.

Assesment process 3

Summary Report

A report accompanying and explaining the visual deliverables to help you and others in your company easily interpret the findings.

Assesment process 4

Action Plan

A detailed outline to aid you in the implementation of your next steps. Action Plans are not included in the typical assessment process.

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